2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sporty’s!

  1. Just returned home from your hot dog Saturday. I saw something in your lobby about a photo contest and I have a picture of my buddy’s plane in front of your headquarters. How do I submit it?

  2. Hello,
    I have two SP400 radios and they work fine. The problem is the desk top charger is not very good quality. I am based in Chiangmai Thailand with three airplanes and it is nice to have the radios on board for backup. But I can’t depend on either of them being charged when I get ready to go. Getting these or any VHF radio in this country requires an import permit and well as getting a radio license once it is here and the cost is higher the then purchase price of the radio. So you can understand I don’t want to change. The charger must operate on 250vac.
    Thank you

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